Gimi Chick

Gimi Chick, a local culinary gem renowned for its delectable chicken filet sandwiches, each paired with a special and unique sauce.

Gimi Chick
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The brief

Gimi Chick, a local culinary gem renowned for its delectable chicken filet sandwiches, each paired with a special and unique sauce, found themselves in a bustling marketplace teeming with competitors. With just a single branch amidst the cacophony, Gimi Chick yearned for a strategic boost, both online and offline. Their call for help led us to craft a marketing campaign, one that would position them as an extraordinary player in this crowded field, attract new customers, and enhance their social media presence.

Our Approach

Our journey with Gimi Chick was grounded in a comprehensive marketing blueprint, 
encompassing a content strategy, a dynamic digital campaign, and strategic digital advertisements. Our mission was clear - to unveil the scrumptious menu, spotlight their unique selling proposition (irresistible fried chicken sandwiches), and infuse their brand with an arresting online and offline presence.
We harnessed the vibrant colors from their branding, coupled with mouth watering images, to make their culinary creations leap off the screen. In our content, we celebrated the distinct sauces nestled within each sandwich.

Our approach

For the digital campaign, we orchestrated a series of online promotions and contests that not only engaged their existing customer base but also beckoned potential patrons. We enticed them with discounts, enticing them to experience Gimi Chick's culinary delights and share their culinary adventures on social media. In a bid to create a buzz and garner reviews, we also forged partnerships with local influencers and bloggers.
The outcome was nothing short of spectacular. The engagement on their social media platforms surged, and sales followed suit. The digital campaign generated an impressive 10,000 entries and ushered in 5,000 new leads. Their digital advertisements reached over 100,000 individuals and drove a staggering 20,000 clicks to their website and social media pages. We take immense pride in having seasoned Gimi Chick's social media content with our creative flair and strategy, elevating their success to new heights. The story of Gimi Chick showcases that even in a saturated market, exceptional culinary offerings, coupled with inventive marketing, can truly sizzle and stand out.

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