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Collateral Design

The brief

Established by Amiri proclamation on May 28, 1996, the College of Dentistry has grown rapidly and is committed to providing top-notch dental education nationally. It is an institution renowned for its dedication to excellence in dental education and research.

We have been tasked with the creation of advertising materials for the prestigious 18th annual Kuwaiti Association for Dental Research Conference, hosted by the College.

This year, the conference shines a spotlight on "Diabetes and Oral Health," delving into the significant interconnection between diabetes and dental health. It aims to address the latest research, innovative treatment methods, and foster networking within this specialized field.

What We Did

Our approach was straightforward yet effective, focusing on both digital and physical components to promote the 18th annual Kuwaiti Association for Dental Research Conference.

Video Production: We started by creating an introductory video of the college and its faculty using drone footage for aerial views and conducting brief interviews with select faculty members. This provided a dynamic first impression and introduced the expertise behind the event.

Collateral Design: For the conference collateral, which included gift trophies, bags, posters, and itineraries, we utilized the college's color scheme to design cohesive and elegant materials. The bags featured practical gifts like step counters, aligning with the health theme of the conference.

Our strategy aimed to blend elegance with practicality, ensuring that all materials reflected the conference's importance and supported its health-focused message.

The Transformation Process

- To concisely convey the conference’s focus on "Diabetes and Oral Health."

- To highlight the event's significance and its potential impact on dental and diabetes research.

- To attract a broad audience, including dental professionals, researchers, and students, emphasizing the opportunity for learning, collaboration, and professional growth.

Required Materials:

The project entails designing a suite of advertising materials that include posters, flyers, social media graphics, email templates, and a conference program booklet. These materials should be engaging, informative, and reflective of the conference's importance and the college's prestige.

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