Munchies is an exotic ice cream parlour that offers an experience like no other.

Food & Beverage

The brief

Munchies, an ice cream parlour with a whimsical twist, is renowned for its vibrant palette of unconventional flavours. At Munchies, you can expect the unexpected; where green bubble gum, pink chocolate, or even black pistachio dance across the menu. Beyond this kaleidoscope of ice cream, Munchies offers a delightful array of treats, including cotton candy-infused ice cream, cookies, and indulgent milkshakes.
However, there was a conundrum lurking within this colourful realm. Munchies' identity failed to resonate with a wider audience, and their old logo remained mute, incapable of conveying the magical essence of their offerings. It was time for a transformation.

What We Did

Our team embarked on a mission fuelled by creativity and market insight. Our goal was to rediscover the essence of Munchies and present it in a way that would truly capture the whimsy and enchantment of this unique parlour. We set out to unify the brand's identity across various facets, from social media content to the very essence of the physical location itself, all unified under a delightful, colourful theme that would resonate with all who encountered it.
We strived to create a consistent narrative that not only showcased the ice cream parlour's fun and captivating personality but also communicated the extraordinary and magical experiences that awaited customers within its vibrant walls.

The Transformation Process

1. Vibrant New Logo: Our rebranding journey began with the creation of a new logo, one that encapsulated the essence of Munchies. It was designed to be fun, colourful, and visually appealing, echoing the joy of indulging in ice cream. The logo served as a vibrant emblem that beckoned visitors into a world of delightful surprises and flavours.
2. Meet Muni, the Ice Cream Scoop Alien: To add an extra layer of whimsy and enchantment, we introduced Muni, the ice cream scoop alien. With antennae and a personality as colourful as the ice creams, Muni quickly became the beloved face of Munchies. Muni's various iterations were crafted to suit every occasion and flavour, making Muni an integral part of the brand's storytelling.
3. Consistent Branding Across All Touch points: We ensured that the rebranding touched every facet of Munchies. From stickers and packaging to collateral, every detail adhered to the new branding. Even the smallest element was an opportunity to infuse the colourful, magical theme.
4. Online and Social Media Transformation: The online realm was a pivotal part of the rebranding process. We designed an online content strategy and social media direction that mirrored the playful, whimsical new identity. Every post, every caption, and every image was an invitation to explore the world of Munchies, where the unexpected was the norm.With the completion of this rebranding journey, Munchies emerged with the vibrant, magical, and fun identity it truly deserved. The brand now beckoned visitors with open arms, inviting them to step into a world where every scoop of ice cream was a delightful surprise, and every visit was a colourful adventure. Munchies had been transformed into a place where joy and wonder were as abundant as the flavours themselves.

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