Swaikhat Al Sharq

Swaikhat al Sharq is a restaurant chain that serves mouth-watering Middle Eastern dishes that make you go.

Swaikhat Al Sharq
Food & Beverage
Social Media Management
Content Creation

The brief

Nestled in the picturesque Khairan, Swaikhat Al Sharq beckons you to savour a delightful journey of grilled platters paired with breath-taking views. This culinary haven is a cherished gem, adored by the summer sun seekers, yet we yearned to transform it into a year-round destination, an oasis of flavour that thrives not only in the warmth of summer but also in the embrace of winter's chill.

The Result

Collaborating with the Swaikhat Al Sharq team, we fashioned content that not only retained their existing clientele but also garnered new, loyal patrons. It was a partnership brimming with creativity, innovation, and a shared vision. Together, we turned a seasonal gem into a perennial oasis of culinary delight and breath-taking views, proving that exceptional content can transcend the calendar and create year-round magic.

The challenge

Our mission was clear - to craft content that would draw visitors throughout the year. We embarked on a creative journey, fuelled by the captivating allure of reels, to spotlight their breakfast menu and enchanting location. In a bid to conquer the seasonality challenge, we delved into competitor analysis, market trends, and strategic content to captivate audiences, even in the off-season. Our central dilemma was the ebb in Khairan's allure beyond the summer. We sought to advocate online orders and to present the idea that Swaikhat Al Sharq remained an inviting haven during the cooler, quieter months. Our content was designed to cater to diverse occasions, be it a post-boat trip dinner with friends, a family breakfast on a serene spring morning, or a beach house lunch. Swaikhat Al Sharq was the destination for all seasons.

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